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30mins & 1 Hour Solo Slots  

1 Hour Secure Dog Field Group Walking 


Please note -  group walking is currently only available MONDAY- FRIDAY

Play, love and exercise your dog while you are unable too

As much as you love your dog its hard to be in two places at once, we offer dog walks that are tailored to the individual dogs needs and training. Our professional service will leave you with no reason to feel guilty leaving your dog. 

Secure Group Dog Walk within a 5 Acre Secure Field with 6ft Fencing.

Collection and drop off service in my secure crash tested transport crates with anti slip matting and locking door handles with fans to circulate a steady air flow to  the keep the dogs cool on the warmer days.

Your dog will join a maximum of 5 other dogs where they can play and socialisation and exploring new sights, sounds and smells in secure environment. 

Group off lead walking providing your dog with a multitude of benefits. Not only does it offer a change of scenery and a chance to socialise with other dogs off lead in a safe environment but it also provides much needed exercise and mental stimulation which helps your dog grow! 


Arrive between 7 & 8pm 

Leave 12 hours later

Complete peace of mind knowing that I will be looking after your home and pets. Whether you’re a cat or dog owner or have more exotic pets or a smallholding, arranging the right pet sitting service to care for your animals is always a top priority when making plans to go away.

Many of us consider our pets as part of the family. They love, care and worry about them, as much as any other member of the family. Therefore, the thought of going away and putting their pets into boarding establishments causes feelings of stress, guilt and unhappiness of going away.

I’m here to make your life easier by providing a dedicated, responsible pet sitting service to look after your pets and your home, whether it’s for one day or two weeks. This keeps your pets routines the same and I provide them with the love and attention they deserve. I would also feed your plants and provide basic garden maintenance. I can accept grocery deliveries ready for your return home.

Every home and pet is different so please do send me an email so we can discuss your requirements, I’d love to hear from you and be happy to answer any questions you may have.


You may require a cat sitter while your away, at busy times in your life or if you cat is poorly.

I can come care for your cat as often as you would like. I am happy to administer any medication should this be required, I am qualified in animal first aid.


I will feed your cat give them fresh water, clean bowls and empty and clean litter tray, play fuss.

If you're away I can also put rubbish out, open and close curtains, bring in your post and water your plants.

Our professional service gives you piece of mind knowing your cat is in its familiar surrounds. Most cats suffer from stress and often exhibit strange behavior or not eating while in a cattery. I aim to provide the perfect alternative entertaining and caring for your cat when you are unable to. 


Do you own livestock such as goats, alpaca’s, sheep, pigs or cows and they need feeding and care while you are away, I will visit your house, small holding or grazing on a pre-agreed basis to care for your livestock.


 I will feed and check / change water, make sure the animals are comfortable and their living space is clean and dry. Collect eggs, let out and take animals in at night. 


I also offer husbandry care such as feet trimming, worming and vaccinating, fly treatment.

I also offer Lambing, Kidding and Farrowing assistance during busy periods on your small holding,.


Entertaining your pet when you are unable to - Our small animal service allows you to go away happy in the knowledge that your pets will be well looked after.

I can care for chickens, ducks, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, degu and ferrets, as well as fish, and more exotic pets, caged birds. 

During each visit;

Fresh hay and bedding | Fresh water | Feeding| Grooming | Fuss and attention

Health check| Clean cage or hutch | Let out into a run and put them back away again

provide enrichment


Making your dreams come true; 

having your dog attend your wedding doesn't have to be just a dream, We thrive to make your special day as stress-free as possible. Help in making everlasting memories and caring for your dog or dogs throughout the day.

All care and attention your special dog requires we can cover, from pre-ceremony walks, brush and tidy, playtime, feed time & cuddles. Chaperoned during the Ceremony, photos and even into the evening reception. Transport to an overnight venue is also possible.

We are based in Norfolk.  Special provisions for weddings and events outside of Norfolk region are also possible

Norfolk Animal Care Services, are fully insured and  up to date pet first aid certificate. So you wont need to worry your dog will be in safe hands on your very magical day. 


Essential care for your horse, pony or donkey I can provide the following services for your horse, pony or donkey:


Feeding & water- I will feed your horse at the time they are used to and ensure they have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

  • Turning out & bringing in

  • Poo picking

  • Grooming

  • Mucking out stables

  • Administer  medication


Care, love and attention for you pets big and small. 


Have you got a Wedding, Family day out, Birthday treat coming up? We all have the odd special event that we just can’t take our pets! 


I’m here to make your life easier by providing a dedicated, responsible pet sitting service to look after your pets. This keeps your pets routines the same and I provide them with the love and attention they deserve while your unable to. 


So you can still attend those special moments with out the worry! 

Our Pet Sitting drop in visits are perfect to breaking up the time your pet is alone. From 30min to an hour or the whole afternoon and evening. I can provide garden play and enrichment, toilets breaks and most importantly company.

All new clients are entitled to a free 30 minute  Meet and Greet service ahead of any booked services, giving you the chance to see if Norfolk Animal Care Services are the right fit for your pets. 

Prices are doubled on Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve. From 23rd December - 3rd January a seasonal surcharge of 25% applies. 

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